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Growth & Development

In 2030, greater Coeur d’Alene uses comprehensive planning to guide and direct future growth and development…

We have further improved downtown as a regional center and developed vibrant neighborhood centers, where residents can walk or bike to cafes, shops, services and jobs. Coeur d’Alene has a ‘multi-modal’ transportation and street system that facilitates traffic flow, connections between neighborhoods, and pedestrian and bicycle routes and lanes. Public transportation connects all parts of the region with convenient, affordable, environmentally-friendly service. Innovative planning and good design have increased the supply of affordable housing. We continue to preserve our historic community treasures.


  • Obtained railroad rights of way for major trail expansions and connections
  • Conducted a study of traffic flow in the downtown center, balanced with pedestrian and bicycle needs as well as increased green space
  • Free wireless access provided throughout the downtown area with a Downtown Wireless Hotspot
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Growth & Development
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