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Draft Vision Plan Survey
Take and share the Draft Vision Plan Survey!  Available at until December 15, the Draft Vision Plan Survey is an another opportunity for community members to rate and comment on the vision statements created by approximately 125 community members created during the Community Vision Summit workshop.

Help shape a bright future for greater Coeur d'Alene by taking and sharing this survey!

Community Survey Report
The Community Survey Report shares key information and raw frequencies gathered from CDA 2030's Community Survey which was conducted by the University of Idaho's Social Science Research Unit.  From July 29-September 4, community members participated in a telephone survey sharing their perspectives on the future of our community. For more information about the survey and results, please reference Appendix A: Survey Instrument, Appendix B: Pre-Calling Postcard, Appendix C: Tabular Results, and Appendix D: Open-Ended Responses.

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